Pre-owned Yellofin Elites




Yellofins stirrups provide enhanced patient comfort and positioning capabilities

Yellofins Elite Stirrups with Lift-Assist™ allow clinicians enhanced surgical site access during procedures requiring abduction and lithotomy positioning. Developed for increased patient comfort, Yellofin Elite Stirrups feature a floating boot design that self-adjusts to minimize pressure on the calf. The Lift-Assist feature makes it easier to move the leg for more precise positioning.

Yellofins Elite Stirrups with Lift-Assist™ are professionally refurbished and come with a one year warranty. For more information, contact us today.


  • Self-adjusting boot increases patient comfort by minimizing pressure to the calf.
  • Lift-Assist™ Technology for easy maneuvering and exact positioning.
  • Lateral fin is designed to cover and protect the head of the fibula and peroneal nerve.
  • Yellofins Reusable Pad completely encapsulates the foot, ankle and calf for maximum comfort.
  • Squeeze grip handle allows clinicians to adjust the boots without contaminating the sterilized area.
  • Visual lithotomy and length indicators provide positioning confidence.
  • Designed for use with patients up to 500 pounds.